Anti-Japan Protests Rock Chengdu

The conflict between the Chinese and Japanese is getting heated.

First Chinese “fishing boats” enter “disputed territory” and snoop around.. Japan sends in destroyers to see what’s going on; the Chinese boats allegedly ram the destroyers. Japan arrests everyone then releases the crew while holding onto the captain for a week. China goes apeshit. Screams, yells, withholds exports, cancels trips … C-Trip, where I work, sent out a mass email that said, please do not sell tickets to Japan or promote Japanese tours.

Then Japan releases the captain after China says: we are not going to sell you rare earth, which Japan needs for all sorts of expensive electronics. Yesterday, Japanese protestors rallied in Tokyo, then a few hours later, thousands of Chinese protestors rallied in three different Chinese cities. What’s next?

Check out ChengduLiving for a report on the protests with pics and video.

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Sascha Matuszak

3 thoughts on “Anti-Japan Protests Rock Chengdu

  1. Well what happened was, the company sent out an email telling everybody to keep anything Japanese on the lowdown, not promote Japanese tour groups here or Chinese tour groups abroad and to remove blatant ads etc for anything Japanese.

    I am not sure if this was government induced or a form of self-censorship, but if you read this story here:

    it seems that the Chinese are “well-trained” ….

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