Just in Case My Baby Calls

Bean made homemade hotpot two days ago and the last of it just got slurped up … I won’t tell you what’s happening now in the household, but just remember that every rose has its thorn.

I took some pictures of our hotpot night and even though they are wak technically, they still manage to tell the story:

Bean's lovin her homemade hotpot
Dorian's gotta wait before he can get his hotpot on. We let him watch though

Now some of you people might be wondering ….

“How can I get my hotpot on in the comfy confines of my own home?’

Well it ain’t easy, but it’s possible. First you gotta get your soup together. What kind of soup do you want? Pork and leeks? Tomato and mushrooms? So you gotta decide. And then make it.

Then you gotta get your hotpot spice situation all hooked up. So you gotta get ground dry peppers, that famous Sichuan peppercorn, gotta have some fennel and then fry all that up with your oil. Now the oil is a very serious thing, because the pros use “Beef oil” and I didn’t even know that existed. I am sure there is a name for it out there, but I don’t know it and I don’t feel like consulting the Oracle right now. Anyway, most people don’t have oil of cow, so you can use a mixture of vegetable oil and lard. Yes. Lard. Fry all that up real good till its thick and gooey and stinky and then add in your soup. Put that in a hot pot bowl and add some of those base veggies like mushrooms or bamboo shoots or some celery and let that brew just brew.

Soon, the funk will enter your entire crib and you will know its time to get your hot pot on.

Make sure your toilet works.

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