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well it seems the media blockade is working or I just have not been keeping my ears open. Here a response to my last blog from Big Daddy Villar:

“I’m in a bit of a rush and really only had time to look at about two paragraphs of your blog. But from what I’ve read it goes to show that an informative guy like yourself has had the blinds put on him. On NPR they are constantly, at least two days ago, talking about the fact that the DL has threatened to step down if people in India don’t stop doing things like burning Chinese flags in protest.

From what I’ve gathered the DL has also told, when in face to face talks with major leaders of the world, that he believes that Tibet and China need to be as one, yet that the Chinese must allow the people of Tibet certain born with rights.

I also listened to an interview with a chinese man on the street. He was very pro chinese and what they were doing in the situation dealing with Tibet. Once the reporter told him the numbers of dead Tibetens Tibet had been reporting his tone, still strong Chinese, changed in his voice. The talk of the waves nw is how will the corporate sponsers of the Olympic games be viewed. The long distance champion of the world in running refuses to run in the games because of the polution. Reports are already coming out of how the government is shuting down companies just so that they pass certain environmental regulations. It’s interesting.”

Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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