orange seeds in the ashtray

Yet another of the three peeps peepin this blog, who refuses to answer me in this blog. Of course, copy and paste is my faithful slave.

re: your words: “i was talking with some homies yesterday about what the most fantastic future imaginable would be. I said it would be the actual fruition of a next-era society that has gone through a natural progression from industrial to technological to service to hi-tech service and to a green society.

i will be interested to talk to you about this topic once you get to p-town and you see the wonderful bubble we live in here. it’s great because you see the environmental ideas in action, and get to know people who really care about this stuff enough to do more than pontificate. on the other hand — living in a bubble does have its drawbacks. when the president (lower case “p”) was elected the first time, we here in oregon thought there was no fucking way it was going to happen. but the rest of the country is slower in acting and reacting to change/atrocities… and sometimes you forget to look backward — when you are at the head of the pack. also, there are issues with apathy that arise here, because again, when you live in world where “green” was a buzzword long before it was made into a marketing brand by cnn and the rest… you sometimes forget that more work needs to be done. you begin to ease into a life of riding bike and munching on your homegrown food (& other green treats), buying into the sustainable power grid to fuel your computer addiction… thinking that everyone else is doing the same. you forget for perhaps a minute that to exact real change in this world you must continue to push the envelope — so the spectrum gets wide enough that the middle has pulled over toward your side a little bit more. if fact, you might forget that there is a middle at all. (i think i just thought of another topic for my own blog, thank you!) but we are so blessed here, in so many ways. we are showing the world what is possible, and i will love to share it with you when you arrive.

Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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