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i walked back to my house tonight around 2am and i live near the Tibetan district of town. there were police cars on every block with running motors and flashing lights. the entire neighborhood is surrounded and infiltrated. the only things moving were the cops fingers typing out a lazy message to his girl and the swirl of red and blue bulbs.

thanks to all my people asking about Tibet and sending me news and messages … it is on everyone’s lips here in China as well and i am finding that discussions are not as demented as they could be.

There is an understanding that something must be wrong in Tibet. locals themselves are under no illusions about their government. prices are rising all the time — for meat, school and gas — and the brazen bosses toss money, women and fat cars around like rice at a wedding. They know they are being lied to. Every time a campaign like this comes around from the gov, bullshit piles up and the stank carries far and wide. People here know this. But its never easy to hear a foreigner talk smack … in a single conversation it can go from dirty stinkin tibetans to the lying, thieving Party to loudmouthed, hypocritical long-noses (Westerners). Life is tough for everybody out here — we’re all Lao Bai Xing just trying to get by

“Just keep your hands offa my stack”

Beijing is much more worried about what goes on in the minds and hearts of its own people than anything else. the chinese gov has no choice but to crack down hard on the tibetans to show the rest of the populace — taxi drivers, turks, mafiosos, farmers — that ass can be kicked at any time, anywhere. the Party wants to remain in control of this good thing they are building and reap the benefits of chinese capitalists unleashed in perpetuity.

(Beijing-gov-Party …)

Cuz even if Sarkozy does boycott the opening ceremonies of the olympics, french businessmen will still go to beijing on their knees offering to build nuclear plants and begging for more containers, more tourists, more consumers to feed. the chinese will be the real indispensable nation and as such, jealous haters who refuse to come to the party now, will grovel for a chance to press noses to glass later.

I consider my motives for supporting Tibet:
I admire and love Tibetans and their Tibetanish ways. They’re cool. Han Chinese not so much. They’re religious … and their religion is cooler than islam or christianity. i naturally tend to side with the underdog. Political oppression, cultural dilution and fast paced, ruthless economic development are not my bag.

two views on the issue, here at and here at

Consider the history of the West and ask if we have the right to raise our voices anywhere — Yugolsavia burned in Europe’s backyard.

Consider the onus of guilt placed on a newborn for the crimes of his grandfather and ask if we have the duty to raise our voices everywhere — so our grandchildren may enter the world unstained.

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4 thoughts on “Aint nothin special bout me

  1. I found you, brother. ‘Bout time, too. You remember when I said we should start a magazine and you and grizzles looked at me like i didn’t know how much work it would be? I should have said “website”…

  2. “Consider the onus of guilt placed on a newborn for the crimes of his grandfather and ask if we have the duty to raise our voices everywhere — so our grandchildren may enter the world unstained”

    I’m feelin’ you on this.

  3. thanks guys
    it seems so long ago
    that I was passionate about went on around me
    now i’m in a 9-5 missing my son
    thoughts of cash flow and rent on my mind.
    when i’m not working or feeding or consoling or
    i’m playing games just to pass the time
    i need to get back into a
    sharper state of mind

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