To Mianyang

Tomorrow we will try and head up to see if we can help. THe local authorities and Red Cross have designated the Bookworm and Cafe Paname as two foreign est. where supplies can be dropped off and from which teams might be able to head up and help. Earlier today, a group of Brits trapped in Wolong PAnda Reserve were helicoptered out. The rumors now are that they were helpless, but not dying and the government decided to get them out of there before int’l scrutiny became too hard. The radio reported the news and some Chinese were a little angry, accusing the gov of airlifting out foreigners when Chinese are dying everywhere.

If possible, we will try and get to Mianyang, where a refugee camp is growing. I will keep you posted.

Here are some headlines … and a lot of good coverage and this story here was really hard to read.

There are still tremors throughout the night and rumors don’t stop. Planes are being delayed here at the airport as thousands attempt to leave and thousands more attempt to get in. It is a crzy time to be here and it is only going to get more intense.

For those who have been asking about Qing Cheng Mtn, there is really not much specific information I can give … judging from the damage of the surrounding areas, the videos that are already online and Charlie’s first-hand account, I would say the mountain was devastated and will not be seeing any visitors for some time. It is impossible to say who survived, who didn’t and who is missing right now.

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3 thoughts on “To Mianyang

  1. Sasch, you’ve had the best coverage for a Chengdu brother long removed. My family is all well and we’re in touch but we’re lucky. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  2. Are people really desperate for info about Qingchengshan? A friend has a lot of co-workers who are still there. If anyone really needs specific information I may be able to help (I’m not making any promises).

  3. Jesse,

    I’m one of the folks asking about QingCheng Shan. A friend of mine is slated to be there in a few weeks. Also I think the World Heritage Site folks are looking for good information about the status of it.

    Feel free to email me at

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