this could have been anyone of us

In this story right here, I find a very familiar young man:

went to evergreen and became slightly radicalized. got a girlfriend and did what he thought was best — take action instead of talk. got caught and ran for his life to Dali, a place i know well. ran around the town and got into the drug trade there, got caught up in the dragnet last year that we all knew about when it went down. none of my people got got, except for this kid right here, whom i never met.

good luck kid.

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

2 thoughts on “this could have been anyone of us

  1. He is from Randolf, New Jersey, where I pass by for weddings all the time.

    And he is the same kid, I believe, bumped me from behind when I was trying to take a photo in Tibet two years ago. He didn't say a word, looked the other way, but the girl with him put her camera right in front of my face, said, "how do you feel?" Their point was that photographing locals prying was disrespectful.

    Somehow their beliefs are morally higher than others and they state their beliefs by violent means.

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