to all the beauty in your life

back in Shanghai, listening to Christmas music. i had a small panic attack in the vancouver airport as i watched asian people be asian and realized that my ass was headed back to China to live for a while and be a father and all that. started trrrrriping. in my own head of course. was waiting for the whole world to shimmer and disappear. probably had something to do with the fact that i was still drunk and loopy after a night at Beckett’s with my man Big Scott. It was a rough morning. but as soon as i was on the flight it was all good and now that i am back in the old familiar hallways of China, all is good and as it should be.

i watched the movie Public Enemies and that was a good one. Special Agent WInstead’s message to Billy at the end really got me. busted out in tears, but no one saw me do it.

also watched 9 and that was enjoyable. I couldn’t help myself and watched the Time Traveler’s Wife (Aliya really wanted to watch that one) and it is sweet and lovable and emotional too. got a little teary there too. i am a sensitive guy you know.

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

3 thoughts on “to all the beauty in your life

  1. My main SM, you are back in China and here I am in Belize. Life is bringing us all back to where we are supposed to be from or at least passing through. What's the plan, my man? Staying in Shanghai to be a DJ? Opening up the Sichuan branch of the Handsome Boy Modeling School? Tell me all.

  2. Gestation does more than give the unborn a chance to grow and develop. It also gives the parents-to-be a chance to get adjusted to the changed status of their adulthood. Welcome to impending parenthood. The experience is fun beyond belief, emotionally and intellectually challenging, and a catapult into the most amazing love experience. I look forward to your chronicles.

  3. Hello dear friend! Thanks for mail, and good stories here on your blog. Allways something I can smile to, enjoy, laugh about, some things to refelct upon, and updates about tribe!
    cool, very nice.
    i have seen sensitivity in you brother, nothing to be shy about, that is beautiful side.

    Heheheehe, x-mas makes me starts triping a little to. I dont see any asians, but palm trees decorated with lights and glitter, pharmasies painted big fat santaclaus and trees and snows, here in the middle of amazonas is just a little bit strange. Traditional carrol songs, dubed to portugese, ┬┤speaded up a little with added sounds from indegenous instruments, hehehehehe, But all good in the end. I am happy to at least see people leave simple here , more in one with nature than the materialistic realities from norway!

    When things get hectic over there in Asia, remember to BREATHING. some good deep, slow in and out, can clear any situations.
    But you know! Just a reminder.
    Love you man, and good luck with everything!

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