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so yo Obama hit back with a speech that was exactly what I had been thinking and arguing in a few forums and blogs. The NYT seems to be helping out as much as possible. we shall see.

i was talking with some homies yesterday about what the most fantastic future imaginable would be. I said it would be the actual fruition of a next-era society that has gone through a natural progression from industrial to technological to service to hi-tech service and to a green society.

By green society i mean a society that focuses on a standard of living that emphasizes longevity. So food, water and housing would be geared towards the natural and sustainable. the environment would be a community cause of high priority. Next generation fuel sources would be commonplace.

Now this wouldn’t be some elven utopia with misty forests, but I think in the US we are in a good position to try it out. The first thing to happen would be the full scale support of alternative energy sources in terms of capital investment in alternative energy companies and startups. I believe this is already beginning. when these projects eventually start spitting out good, profitable marketable ideas, the ball really gets rolling.

A good fuel source will most likely come from the industry (oil, auto) that we have now, so i believe one of the requirements would be seamless integration — or easy integration — with existing fuel distribution and so on … but it would begin to happen and once it took hold as a viable, and for the bankers profitable, alternative (“it” being “alternative fuel source X” … feel free to spice up this blog with facts) to oil and gas, the rest of the world would eventually need the technology, or at the very least the product, themselves. Until they created their own better versions. I am sure the Germans are thinking up something now with their partners in Tokyo.

This technological breakthrough would usher in a new renaissance. just as radio, tv and the computer did. and the clock i suppose and other important things like the compass and the gatling gun.

a clean renewable alternative energy source would solve many many conflicts right off of the bat. well, i am sure the powers with AFS-X would naturally play power games with those that do not, but if AFS-X is renewable … well … maybe you are getting the picture.

And so to the blunt rounded nub:

Americans who fear the end of the American Century should consider the lessons of history. Change is the only solution for their woes. Obama does not wave a wand and solve problems, but it is the symbolic power of an historic change that invigorates and empowers regular everyday normal guys like me. A motivated nation can put men on the moon — these neo-cons don’t realize the nationalist potential latent in the placard waving Obama supporter with dreads and rizlas. If they really want to fulfill the Project for a New American Century, they should ignore the oil of the Arabs and focus on AFS-X, the super tech waiting to be found in the weedy minds of their own American youth.

Lord if they only remembered what they (they being They) have in the people of the USA. A vast pool. And these fools are letting our pool get all scummy and neglected, with three-legged plastic chairs and mold on the walls, and running off other to peoples’ pools and peeing in em. Thinking that if they pee enough, the people will let them swim there forever. Shit aint right.

You know the US could be MUCH cooler. Imagine like a bomb tourism industry focused on vast regions of natural beauty, adventure travel and so on. There aren’t too many int’l backpackers making it to the US. We need more exposure.

Subsidize trans-oceanic flights, not gun factories!

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