China censors

It might be hard for an American to imagine what life would be like under a dictatorship of the proletariat. What happens, among many other things, is that news is completely censored as are your modes of communication.

My gmail account is spotty and has been for weeks. But since the protests I can barely be online for more than 10 minutes without the bastards shutting me down. I can access most sites through a proxy, but my communication is hampered slightly. And I am annoyed, growing furious actually. I am so proud to be an American, because fury at the suppression of my freedom is natural and accepted and encouraged. My response to censorship is in-born, as I am human, yet also cultivated by the values of the society I spent the most time in.

I think with this thing in Tibet going down, we should direct our attentions to the things at home that we can alter, improve or at the very least think about.

The candidate I support is currently experiencing a backlash by people in the US that frustrates me as much as the young girl who fails to empathize with Tibetans. There will be no solution in Tibet until girls like the one I described begin to diversify their viewpoints on life.

In America, a grand nation with every creed and color, still suffers from the exact same sickness as this girl. Obama, who tries to walk a path of mediation and unity in a nation fractured, is pulled back into the mud of racial politics by his enemies, who see him as an empty suit harboring secret anti-American Black Nationalist views.

Typically, the establishment cannot fathom a black man with rounded views: he has to be Cosby or Malcolm. In fact, the issues Obama rides on are change and hope and a new century for America, whereas his critics hope to paint him black into a corner, scaring the shit out of white people and opening the door for the status quo to return to business as normal.

We as a nation are big economic problems as well as the militarization of our foreign policy. Historically, this situation has been seen before with falling Empires. They often resort to violence and suppression to maintain what they have built. The Establishment invariably fils to understand that change, in the form of a new president for example, will not only reviatalize the nation, but give the people hope and energy.

The status quo does not change, actually, if Obama wins. All that changes is the attitudes of their charges (us) and the focus of our energies. We need a kick in the ass, not another old white man with Imperialist tendencies or a bitter, power-hungry woman with an interfering, interventionist, lying-ass husband.

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One thought on “China censors

  1. “Cautious, careful people,
    always casting about to preserve their reputation and social
    standing never can bring about a reform. Those who are truly in
    earnest must be willing to be anything, or nothing, in the
    world’s estimation, and publicly and privately, in season and
    out, avow their sympathies with despised and persecuted ideas,
    and their advocates, and bear the consequences.”

    -Susan B. Anthony

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