The diaspora

yesterday i got a message from a young girl — 21 yrs old — and a reporter for the Chengdu Economic Daily. In our society, a young girl will be the bleedingest heart you’ll find. and if she’s smart enough to be a crack reporter, she will most likely be passionate and serious about her causes. Not in China people. She tolerates my support of Tibet with the patient understanding of an old woman with her grandchild. funnily enough, she fits the old Churchill quote:

“if you are young and conservative you are heartless, if you are old and liberal you are foolish”

Well China has skipped and altered many things on her path toward riches and this particular sentiment is one of them. The young Chinese are as hardline on Tibet as any cadre. Here is what she sent me, in response to me equating blacks (whom she supports at every turn in their struggle against .. well, me) with Tibetans.

“The Tibetan killed an immaculate citizen near the Huaxi Hospital”

This is of course doublespeak emanating from the boardrooms of her paper, where the Party sets the agenda. Seems to be over her head, this small fact.

Anyway. There was supposedly a bombing of the 78 bus line yesterday which passes the Southwest Minority University, but the circumstances are unclear and it doesn’t make much sense. If a rebellion is reported i the news as isolated seemingly unconnected acts of random violence, my first reaction is to think “staged for effect” by the government. For this 21 yr old little girl, she sees clear and concise evidence of the Dalai’s corrupting influence over the naiive Tibetan youth.

But the point of this blog is to declare that any protests and violence in China is doomed and the Dalai appears ineffectual. It will be up to the young to carry on the fight and make Tibet a burning flame in their hearts. Like Cubans, Afghanis and Palestinians. Burmans and Haitians … etc …

Communism, in its worldly manifestation outside of the books and theories of old men, is the most horrible system of governance the world has ever thought up … well ok theocracies and slave states suck worse …

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