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Scattered Fam

So we’re on the eternal search for “the Spot” that will allow me to sip tea and write best sellers while bean makes big big

Dreamin bout Portland

I remember Portland sometimes and kick myself in the balls for not experiencing more of that town. But hey, grass is always greener right? I

She was my affair with Portland

and even though the morning afternoon and evening held sunshine sweet sunshineoh lord the nights were demons in my bellyand i walked on creaky wooden

What it is

Drinking my favorite Honey Dew tea in the dungeon thinking about home births and bike rides. yesterday i biked aimlessly and ended up near Powell

What sammy said last night

I need to record this fool, kinda like my Native-Black-Polack-Commie homeboy Charlie. Last night Sammy came back from the mini mart and said: “dude, mini-marts

I like that “feelin it” style

thats what my boy grant said to me a long time ago while we were in his dj dungeon listening to a little known dj

Tea with Amy

My sensesjostle for pole position in my brainvarious species of dewbrimstone, lilacs and porcelaini look up at a sunny Portland skyand it smells like raini

I got emeralds in my cup

When o when will the weather cease to drive me down into my dungeon? Its hailing outside right now. And its got that dank and

China vs. Portland

In Portland, cars will stop on a busy street and let pedestrians cross. Even with a whole line of cars behind them. The pedestrian then

Live and Let Die?

Imagine you are at a Texas Hold-Em table and a very rich banker steps up with a collection of cash from all corners of his


I have been talkin about getting portland and china together for a long time on this blog, and look what Mayor Adams is up to

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