Scattered Fam

So we’re on the eternal search for “the Spot” that will allow me to sip tea and write best sellers while bean makes big big money and the lil ones scamper.

Possible locations are (were)

1) Pacific Northwest, specifically Portland and Northern Cali, but also and not limited to Canada or northern Washington.

2) Dali in Yunnan Province or environs, including Shaxi, the “other side of the lake” and nearby undiscovered Bai villages with internet access

3) the Dirty Du Chengdu and nearby satellites such as Dujiangyan

4) Mipples aks MPLS aka the Twins where i got mad fam and peeps.

5) random dope location like a yurt on a cliff in New Zealand, a villa in a small alley in Spain, a ranch in Argentina or a bungalow in the Andamans.

None of them actually take the cake and that’s disturbing because that means that I myself do not take the cake, seeing as my own internal spiritual condition dictates the pleasure magnitude of my location. Right?

But until I can purge the devil with a get-enlightened-quick remedy, i’ll have to just look for the best environment. What do I mean by “best”?


i have to have green plants and blue sky and clean water
an open space for the kids to run around in
a network and release valves for Bean and me
steady income
time to write bestselling novels

Mippls so clean...

So for example, most US locations can provide the first two, but fall on the last three.

Beijing so funky

Most Chinese locations fail on the first two and hit on the last three. Europe, again, fulfills the first two but fails on the last  two or three.

If I could find a good income and a cool network for Bean in the US or Europe, BAM!

If I could find a non-polluted, non-shit hole in China, BAM!

So. that’s pretty much the topic on my brain at all times.

Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

7 thoughts on “Scattered Fam

  1. What about Vancouver B.C? I was there not too long ago and loved it. It is kinda spendy but it could fulfill all your criteria.

  2. man that would be awesome. I’ve been thinking a lot about Canada because its open and clean and beautiful, there’s grips of Chinese and IF the poo hits the fan sometime soon, Canada will be where all the Americans try and run to. If I already have my spot there, I can load up on ammo and stuff and help defend the motherland.

    or if we’re so inclined, I can stock up on taters and build an attachment so i can house a family. As in every Canadian family can house one American family peacefully and thus Canada becomes somewhat of a savior. But the US outnumbers Canada, so i’d still need ammo. or a moat.

  3. Exactly! Just make sure you got room for me and mine when the shit hits the fan 🙂 George is handy. He could dig the moat and build us all a nice castle.

  4. I will put this comment in two places as it sort of deserves to be in two places. First, save a bit of cash so to cut out four, then get yourself to the North of India in the hills and write that book. The success of said book will then offset the need to address 4 when moving on the next time.

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