Dreamin bout Portland

I remember Portland sometimes and kick myself in the balls for not experiencing more of that town. But hey, grass is always greener right? I wrote a lil something about the grass and a certain seductive harlot named Hammock once and I stumbled across it again. Its a pretty cool lil memory for me, nikki’s backyard. Mad love out to you nickums, if you be readin a brother’s ish

here is the link to

My (old) Oasis

One thought on “Dreamin bout Portland

  1. Yeah i be readin’ a brother’s ish… but sometimes takes me a long time to do so. I’m sitting in my attic office (a basement couldn’t keep me no more) and looking out on this dark street. I don’t want to write. But i gots to for bread. If i could escape for a little mao feng break with you it would probably be a lot easier…

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