Its goin down

it has struck me — and perhaps not only me — how intense things are becoming this year. The race in the US between the two democrats threatens to tire everyone out by the time the real election arrives and the protests in China threaten to cast a pallor over the games months before they begin.

The Olympics have always been political. China, as a Communist nation, is accustomed to politicizing everything. The rank hypocrisy of the Chinese, who deplore the politicization of the Olympics while they themselves set a national goal of getting the most gold medals is clear to everybody but the Chinese themselves. The goal is by all means necessary to beat the US. They will “gain face” that thing that governs virtually all life here and of course send a message to the world which coincides with the rumour-mongering concerning China’s explosive rise to the top.

The insertion of politics into the society through indoctrination of the young now manifests itself in a backlash — political in scope and nature — against anti-China elements across the globe.

A generation that rallies together under the national flag and opposes outsiders with fanatic determination is capable of Total War.

The US elections will be one of the most intense ever. If Obama gains the nomination, he faces off against a familiar nemesis: the Old White Man. After all of the fighting is done, if Obama manages to survive, will he have the energy to carry on? will the nation be fractured and traumatized by election-cycle bullshit? will the people who voted him in sit back and watch, waiting for Obama to wave his magic wand?

I have decided to be in Beijing for the Olympics. Anyone who wants to join me holler. I plan on smokin, drinking, writing and poppin no-doze. this year will be one to remember.

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