I can’t stop laughing at Western businessmen

I don’t even know where to start laughing and where to end. It doesn’t matter. For years and years people like me (but with better jobs) have been saying that China has some issues and we need to help them along, but the money-men always trumped everything by drooling all over each other in attempts to get into the China market.

“Can’t push the gov, nononono they might not let us cash in …”

Now, only now, at the end, do they realize. And so I have to laugh at them.

The mainstream has caught on to the glaring reality: China’s bureaucrats and businessmen always hated and despised you. They stole your stuff, smiled in your face and sold you shit and now they don’t need you anymore. So Time Magazine whines. Big time China Hand and Businessman supreme, AllRoads, jumps on the band wagon: “Did we get suckered?

Of course you did fool. Then again, I know a lot of people who made it rich here (me excluded, hence all of the Schadenfreude) and they basically took a good look at the China business scene, saw it for what it is and jumped in and swam in the feces with all of the other sharks, diving for doubloons.

And this guy here, Paul “I told ya so” Midler. I feel ya Paul. I told a lot of people too. You ain’t the only one who saw the signs and such, that feeling. I know it. Hope yer book sells dawg.

I gotta laugh. Even though, now that the drooling suits are hating on this modern China and the Chinese netizens are hating on this modern China, the big bad bureaucrats and their brainless, soulless New Rich cronies might have to bring in their bigger, badder even more brainless PLA bully to keep this country from Gorbacheving. Or not.

I am headed out to take a walk in the sunshine (THAT’S RIGHT SUNSHINE IN THE DU!!).

Holla atchu.

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