Day 3 – Dank and Dreary … USA whoops China in B-Ball

Today I saw a one armed Cockney Englishman marching through the crowds around the water cube trying to sell swimming tix for 2000k US. The hustle continues … I’m getting deeper into the tix biz and its fun.

Today it was hazy and dark all day and then it started to rain at about 4pm and still hasn’t stopped. I sloshed through the Agricultural Exhibition Center grounds where the Holland House is and my shoes squeaked as i walked. The Dutch beauties want me to get them into the Budweiser House pool for late night skinny dipping. Lord have mercy.

I broke away early after opening the secret back gate for the Dutch Prime Minister, just in time to watch the Second Half of the China – USA B-Ball game. Thank God it was an ass-whooping. The team is playing great and I think it’ll be gold this year. As it should be.

But yo, keep yer eyes on the US Men’s Soccer team. They had Japan and Holland on the ropes and they both barely got away for a tie.

As for the terrorists, they have been blowing stuff up and killing people in Xinjiang and people here are starting to ask a few questions. I am amazed at how many people here do not have their passports with them or do not carry any ID at all. They also seem pretty uninformed about China and Chinese political BS in general … even with the media blitz all year.

I will be serving champagne in a bow tie when the Dutch girls go swimming.

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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