Anyone who has written or who reads about China issues has encountered the ChiCom Troll. I didn’t realize there was such a distinct term for these people, i always called them “brainwashed fanatic spittle round the mouth haters” — anyway here is an introduction to trolls that made it into the NYT.

Basically, for web savvy cats, all this is old news: the troll that “trolls” the web looking for his issue of consequence, unloading his trollish essence all over the post/article/thread etc then moving on to troll another site.

There are “cracker white supremacist trolls, anti-liberal republicunt trolls, sappy-crispy hippy trolls, yamaka-sportin jewish trolls” and so on.

this link right here concerns itself with the ChiCom troll.

PS the rest of this dude’s blog is … trollish.

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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