Beginning to feel the 安

安 means peace and is represented by a woman under a roof. I always figured this character was a bit patriarchal … but now that i have a mama and a lil one under my roof … i know what them old sages were talking about.

Its the 30th according to the Chinese Lunar calender, so its a new year, out with the OX in with the Tiger. All is good. here are some pics from the last few days … from contractions to today’s chill session … Holla:

It all started with a game of Risk …

… then the contractions started.

Got worse.

Next thing I know, me and Pops are peeping through windows.

Josh and Heather showed up with Aixi and we checked up on mama …

Then Lil Bean aka Lil Man aka Ninja aka the Boy aka Dorian aka aka aka was in our arms

and now he’s a part of everything we do … what a trip …

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Sascha Matuszak

7 thoughts on “Beginning to feel the 安

  1. wow, so beautiful. amazing that you have become a father and a steward to one of the next light beings on this planet. big hugs to the momma. I hope to meet her and your little ninja one day. much love and light to you!

  2. ahhh haha, i love the photo just under "what a trip". you two are totally regarding each other!
    beautiful bean, beautiful mama, handsome papa!

  3. hes so so tiny and so so beautiful. I cant believe how enORmous he looked he in the belly, when after all he is just a little baby whisper. Dorian is a wonderful name, kisses for him.

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