A Full Month: Smooches and Poo

I have absolutely no time to write anything.

Little Man turned one month today and here is what’s been happenin:

He empties breasts like they was ATM machines and he is growing. He already outgrew clothes that were too big for him in week 2. He can kick pretty strong and his arms are strong too. I am not sure what “normal” is for strength, but if I lightly hold the back of his head to keep from tipping over, he can stand for about 2-3 seconds. That seems strong to me, but hey, I also think he is the cutest lil punk I have ever seen.

He laughs a bit now and smiles a lot. He looks around at stuff and there are moments, which I described earlier I believe, when he really intently looks around him in quiet appreciation. Sometimes some thing that he saw that I didn’t will make him pump both arms and both legs and yelp-laugh (yes, yelp-laugh) in excitement.

My feelings for him are solidifying, but basically, I do what needs to be done. That’s what it feels like and there is no complex way to describe it. I work so I can have the cheddar to buy him diapers; I scrub the walls and paint them in my new crib so he can live phat; and i take care of him and my lady with hugs and squeezes so they are emotionally chilled out. That’s pretty much the deal.

My lady is doing ok, considering that her nipples are sore, she had a recent breast infection which caused her to have a fever and her body is still a full size (or more) bigger than her normal svelte self. She is handling shit like a soldier and I knew that she would from day 1, when I didn’t know anything about what would happen between us. I had a vision then of us together, but I ignored it cuz there are just too many ladies out there that I need to love. Whatever. When it comes to Mommy-hood, she’s handlin it.

So on to the issue of the week:


Little Man is having poo issues. This is supposedly normal, but it is stressful, as he learns how to poo, as his movements get regular and as the gas gets slowly emitted …

basically, he has stopped pooing for 2 days and the buildup is hurting. I guess 1-2 months this happens … of course, me and Yushi are tripping, but then again, we trip on everything every week.

And here are some pics from a lil cutie smoochin my boy up:

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