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What Providence, What Divine Intelligence …

so i am leaving the Wagon today and headed to a different brighter spot up the road a bit. I am looking forward to it very much and i believe its the best way to get my thing going before i head to China and begin life as a family man. Holy Jesus.

I haven’t dropped any of that story on here until now, for whatever reasons i may have had, they remain mine alone and now they have become irrelevant and so it is time to letchaya’ll know the deal:

Zhang Yushi is 6 months pregnant with my son and the due date is in February. It came as a surprise and it was definitely unplanned — in a manner of speaking — but its something i have wanted for a long time and I am excited to get this thing going.

So, sure it was unplanned. I did not want to put the cart before the horse and I assumed i would be hit by lightning before i settled down with a woman, but at the same time i have been willing this for so long — the entire time i was in China as a matter of fact. I was given multiple chances to be a father but each one was cast aside by fear and doubt and simple fact that the future held too much suffering for me to contemplate. This time, I can see a beautiful future ahead of me and it seems so damn ordained that for me to run this time would be the end of me as a man and the completion of the devil’s plan for me. I would become the demon that I have feared for so long and end up sucking the souls of others for sustenance till my ass got got by a man with morals somewhere sometime.

Thankg God that didn’t happen. Instead I made the right choice and in a few short months I’ll post pics of my son (or daughter, still ain’t 100% yet) and then I guess this blog will be filled with those words and those inspirations … for some time to come.


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6 thoughts on “Well well well

  1. Welcome to the consummate experience in the full range and extremes of human emotion. You have been moving towards fatherhood for some time now. Maximize each moment. Children grow so quickly.

  2. Word. I'm feeling you. I got two potential grandmas chompin' at the bit for Dawn & I to get wid the babymakin'. Honestly I feel/think you're gonna be a hell of a daddy. Like Lou Reed said: It's The Beginning Of The Great Adventure.

    Big Daddy

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