Chirp Out Day

Chirp Out is the day of freedom and joy for my Tribe. Its the day when we hit the road again after a season of trimming and farting and smoking and such. we hold councils on the daily and estimate the exact date of the final chirp chirp. we figure less than 10 days. maybe one week. after all of this, i might walk with around 6k. its not what i was hoping, but its good money in a good spot with good people and eachtime i come here i get stronger (and maybe weaker?) in some way or another.

So i have this homeboy SUPABOY in brzil right now and he is a shaman. we all knew this and to hear it from the horse’s mouth is just confirmation of long held beliefs. the questions i ask myslef these days basically revolve around my increasingly tenuous hold on this reality coupled with the fact that i am going to be a father in about four months. so i have a family to take care of and a seed to nurture and at the same time my own individual experience tells me that the time is nigh. i know hippies and such talk about 2012 in whispers and loud proclamations. i believe in some of what they say even as i deride hippies for being the shades that they are. why should i sneer at a hippy goddess when she is just giving voice to what is in my head anywayz? perhaps because i feel that my path is more righteous in some way.

and getting into that, there is a dude at the ranch that judges all paths according to his particular experience and he does a lot of sneering. i find myslef laughing at him too. so i just bide my time and do battle with doubts. in the end, life has taught me that my free will brings me to where i need to be … the path might be straight, but i needs be wandering off into the underbrush before i am reminded that the way is laid out. its what the universe wants anyway. complexity — because the universe in the beginning was lonely and continues to be so until every single atom and molecule sings along with the one voice.

these thoughts collide with the very present needs of baby formula, nice house, clothes and the proximity of me to them and them to me (my family here is what i speak of) and the merging of all this into one clear train of action and thought is, i guess, what it all is.

i am with my crew and our energies crackle out loud and i can feel that even as we grow closer and stronger something holds us all back into our own perceptions. it is only me and my and I that will face the truth alone. and it is only with my crew and family and brothers that i can face the truth alone. the dichotomy of it all makes me sit and watch and observe, because any action is fraught with its twin: inaction.

safety and sanity vs. the unknown and the only thing we should know.

i feel ready to shatter and impervious to all weapons at the same time.

a sentence that hit me while i was on break from dry trim smoking one on the wagon’s porch:

“sunlight through the scrub oak, a sparrow flies between them on wings of gold.”

thats what it looked like to me. and even my homie hans had a halo when he stood before the oak below the nest and chuckled to himself about something as low low low as the deuce he just dropped in an overflowing outhouse. only by writing these things down can i keep the threads of my reality together just long enough to be there for all my family and people when they need me. I used to worry (and sometimes i still do) that all this writing is just for me and myself but every now and then a brother or sister will read it and feel it and laugh with me and say in a low whisper by a rain spattered window above the street that

i was thinking the same thing just now.

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

2 thoughts on “Chirp Out Day

  1. Hello brother!
    This is shaman flode calling out from brazil!
    I enjoyed reading your latest writings today.

    Just want to tell you that 21st desember 2012 is much more than just hippie talk.
    As we speak i am working with a translation of a five thousand year old ( or something very close) translation of the 7 MAYAN proffecies. Thats right, it is not THE proffecy, they had seven. They predicted a great number of thing that have happenen here on this planet,Many that have happend in our lifetimes. This they knew 5000 years ago. they told about the great eclipse in 1999 an how the last 13 years would be critical.
    Our solar system and galaxy goes in oval rounds around a sun in a difrent galaxy, A Sun of all suns. SEVERAL times bigger than ours.
    It is going be a strike of karma for everyone. An end of a 26500 something years cykle of of darkness is about to be over. Trust me friend it is going to be very bright, warm with powerfull UV radiation. Sunblock and all covering sunglasses is recomended.
    In our comunity we are in direct contact with the mayas, the wisdom and calenders ( there are many)
    The mayas used Ayahuasca as a tool.
    And this tool of tea will make the transition easier…..
    a full translation will be sendt as soon as it is ready.
    Pace and love SB

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