updates on Chengdu earthquake: its getting worse

Thousands dead and injured in Beichuan county — the TV is not reporting any of this, getting it off of Xinhua news. All media is locked into the “central brain” local TV is reporting on the “man in the street” and constant quotes on how people felt, where they ran too …

Update: Here is the Chinese Sina News site where i am getting all of my news … if you cannot read Chinese, then take a morbid look at the numbers and video. Dujiangyan has 50 confirmed deaths … mostly children.

www.shanghaiist.com has English updates on the spot.

More bad news via shanghaiist and sina.com.

Power stations have been knocked out. i am going to chill for now and read the news. there is nothing much i can add anymore. peace out everybody.

Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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