Time-Lapse Video in China

Here is a post for ChinaTravel.net about a group of (actually an individual named Joe) filmmakers who are doing some interesting work with time-lapse and tilt-shift video- and photography.

The same guys who are in doing the time-lapse stuff are also doing the “Sole Man Project,” in which an Englishman spends one year shoeless in the world and films it. I am not sure he knows what he is getting into, but I support him.

Last weekend we went to the Nanjing “International” Music Festival and it was a hilarious tragic-comedy of errors until the bands actually took stage in the pouring rain and put on a great show. It was pretty amazing to see the deep, nasty corruption behind the scenes — money laundering government officials, greedy tour managers, incompetent engineers — and then contrast that with screaming college girls and wailing lead singers. I am writing up a larger essay about it now, so when I finish I’ll drop it here. For now you can check out this little post here.

I am also working on an essay about being mixed-blood in China. Its akin to being a foreigner, but also very different. I am going to try and focus on what its like to be a little mixed blood kid here — going to school in a conformist state, being raised by anxious doting grammas, having all the girls swoon, constantly being stopped and peered at and asked questions and having your Otherness being pointed out to you and everyone around you.

its tough for a little kid. When I write that essay i’ll post it here as well.

Check out the video below:

Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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