The Next Generation in Gong Fu Awesomeness

This one goes out to E-Minor. 

I was defeated on the field of battle, in front of women and friends, by an Afrosamurai Warrior. Not only was I beaten, but the manner in which I fell was particularly humiliating. While I stood transfixed and completely unsure of how to attack this Great Warrior, he danced about and stuck his left foot upside my head. Repeatedly. He laughed as he did this. The women laughed with him and clapped. I was the one reeling in place as the spectators whispered,

Finish him.

And he did, by sweeping my leg and sending me hurtling ass first to the hard dirt. Then he did a little jig and was off to the tents with the ladies and a big bag o dank. I dusted by self off, shook my fist at the heavens and swore revenge.

Watch Yo Back E-Minor!

I myself might never reach the prowess needed to fell this mighty Samurai. But I am heartened by this:

Inky training hard

My son. Preparing for the inevitable showdown with the man who defeated his father and laid waste to all the ladies in the area. Beware, E-Minor, my son shows an aptitude for Gong Fu even you cannot fathom. Your doom, my enemy, grows stronger with each passing hour.

Indeed, an entire school of monks and sages are devoting themselves to this prodigy’s training. Behold:

Dorian training with powerful young monks

It is only a matter of time before Dorian is trained into a Southern Fist master, capable of wiping out E-Minor’s Bando School and eventually defeating the Afrosamurai himself in single combat. I hope that I might live to see the day, when my son stands victorious, with all the ladies screaming

Dorian Dorian

I know you want a closer look, so here it is:

You don't know the power of the force


For a look at the school Dorian is training at, go here.




Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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