My wrist hurts

And when I was in Chengdu a few weeks a go I told my shifu Li Cuan about it and he made me pound on the iron circle for a while. it felt better afterwards.

i am back at the 9-5 grind after a few weeks on the road filming stuff for the China Travel Youtube channel and another couple of weeks in the lab putting the footage together as best we can. I now have a growing interest in Final Cut and video — I can bring the footage to a timeline and even mess with transitions and such — its gonna take some serious invetment though to upgrade my skills enough to be of use to someone. So i am looking at this Final Cut training video and wondering if I have the cash for an iMac.

The 9-5 … I have a new Buddha Palm attitude toward it for now. I might not like sitting under bright white lights searing into the top of my skull and staring at a sluggish screen, but daddy got ish to pay for and that’s what traps every single man into mucky-muck situations like this one. The good thing is that it can’t happen to me. I literally am incapable of getting stuck in a job. I can do it for a year maybe even a year and a half but i’ll jump and run after some scheme at some point.

The difference is now I got to jump and run for a scheme i know will work 😉

Recently been messing with short stories and poetry — i kicked some ass at the Mala-Hal joint Poetry Slam in Chengdu. Got published in the Mala Journal and I got more things I am loading up to shoot all over someone’s face. I’m pretty sure i’ll blow em away.

Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

2 thoughts on “My wrist hurts

  1. Sascha –

    Sorry to hear I missed you when you were in Chengdu. I’ve been training with Li Quan for about 8 months now, ever since I read your original article on Chengdu Living. Your name comes up frequently. In fact Li Quan’s shifu was here a couple weekends back and your name was dropped again. Just too popular. Stay well. Perhaps some day we’ll run into each other.


  2. awesome man tell them guys i miss them very much. next time … i just dont know when … keep hitting the iron circle 😉

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