I went to Carrefour aka Roundabout aka 家乐福 to buy a razor and shaving cream and it took me almost an hour. Carrefour is a five minute walk from my house, but they hide the entrance inside a labyrinth of shops and alleys and lanes. Unless you know that KFC is always located near the main entrance OR you are just a Carrefour veteran, then you’ll wander the halls forever, inhaling that nasty hot dog grease they got and listening to sale announcements over and over.

I finally got my razor and took off all of the hair that you see in yesterday’s post. When I came home Dorian took one look at me and scampered away hollering for mama. He wouldn’t look at me for 3 minutes. Then he took a scrutinizing peep, decided i looked better, and now he lets me smooch him more. I gotta admit, I’m one sexy bastard when I’m not in my monchichi outfit:

Fuck a roundabaout.

So that’s the new me. One of the many faces of Chach. I think it will get me more respect from wealthy people and maybe the girls and small children will not stop and gape in horror before running off screaming. That would be a nice change.


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