Today i spent the whole day with my man Liu Yuan running from one massive development project to another, extolling the virtues of Chengdu’s real estate situation. I was interviewed a few times for the TV and all the girls in the house were giggling. the older women too. they would roll up on me and be like: so yeah i have a daughter that needs to go abroad and so on. most of the attendees have fat pockets. they were very impressed with my language abilities and outlook on life. its cuz they don’t have the chance to meet anyone who isn’t rich and Sichuanese like them, so it was interesting for them. for me it was once again my ego that got blown all day. he loved it. and a few contacts were made. lord knows.

it was a good day. especially seeing as i slept but 30 minutes the night before and my man Liu Yuan gave me half a pill of ecstasy for the trip. yeah betchu didn’t know chinese be all over the drug scene didja? these ninjaz are manufacturing drugs we aint even heard of yet. anyway. made the day E-Z.

To another topic, which will grace these pages for the last time:

What did i expect?

Anything but nothing.

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