Gettin Fat in Deutschland

Every morning i enjoy myself ritually with the bread slicer. I love the buzz and smell of good bread being prepared for my rumblin gullet. then i sift through the fridge. Lord, Bless my Mother with Peace of Mind and a Calm Heart! She maintains a fine kitchen. Teewurst, Leberwurst, Salami, Kaes’ and so on. Coffee is always warm and waitin. She hovers and makes sure all the libations of the morning are done properly, eagerly prodding me on to stuff down more, more and even more of this delicious love. For soon, before I even know it, I shall be back in a treacherous land of heathens and barbarous chieftains. Where bread can be pressed between forefinger and thumb and good wurst appears only once a year.

Lord Have Mercy. Christ Have Mercy.

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Sascha Matuszak

2 thoughts on “Gettin Fat in Deutschland

  1. Sascha my man, you are the long lost brother I never knew I had, lost immediately ten minutes after I found, about whom I wonder only occasionally. Whatever happened to Sascha, anyway?

    Gabba gabba my brother, soon you be one of us. I can feel it in my bones, unless its tumors.

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