Dream within a dream

Last night for the first time that I can remember, someone asked me what I was dreaming about in my dream. I was so taken aback that I answered Battlestar Galactica at first … for some reason i felt it was more appropriate to lie to the two men and two women at the baordroom table asking innocently about my dream. but then i did tell them, eventually, about dreaming of being a high school teacher in a Chinese school and coming late to school and not being able to find my classroom.

That part, not being able to find anything and being late for school and missing homework and failing is actually pretty standard for my dreams. I have an anxiety ridden dream every so often.

so thats not the important part. the important part is someone asked me a question in my dream that felt out of my consciousness. No matter how i answered, the deal is it felt like someone else entering my dream and talking to me. I have had a few of these and each time i remember it clearly, but the dream itself and the dreamscape is so slippery that any thought whatsoever derails any cool conversation I might have had.

As in the one last night, instead of talking with the dudes, I banished them both and took both women in a sexually taut threesome. Sigh. If i could get my mind offa sex for a second or three, I might learn something.

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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