Digital Silk Road

Digital Silk Road

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Digital Silk Road

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Presentation done at OpenWebAsia in October 2008 on Asia’s digital innovations and their potential impact on the West.

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

4 thoughts on “Digital Silk Road

  1. this slideshow shows the huge advances made in digital technology by Japan, Korea and China in the past 10 years.

    It also shows how the US is lagging behind these countries. The slideshow begins with a series of images depicting other society-changing inventions that came from Asia and arrived in Europe a while later. I am sure we could do one that shows the two-way street this is … but i think what is most revealing is the profit and revenue data concerning QQ in China and Facebook in the US.

    Facebook relies on ads and a free-ware application barrage that I seldom use and find annoying. I wonder if anyone could give me a clue as to how QQ makes money off of users???

    it seems we in the US use networking sites to NETWORK, whereas in Asia they are much more: a social net that comprises much more than who your friends are.

    Anyway: appreciate any insight into this …

  2. When I first lived in Asia I felt so antiquated! Then I moved back to the US and felt so ADVANCED. Now I feel stuck in the past, sick of the boring ass networking sites in the US, and bored out of my freaking mind with the technology here! Starting with mosquito tennis raquets, cell phones, computers systems, jump drives, the pyramid scheme that are MP3 players, dvds, etc…the list could go on and on. I wanna be back there where the “laws” are lax, the technology is progressive and not completely monopolized. The society doesn’t limit competion, its expected. Wow…imagine that! Asia is calling.

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