Dorian’s First Birthday

Lil Dorian turned one on February 8th and we went to our old stomping gronds in San Sheng Xiang to celebrate with good friends. The Love’s were there and we went to our neighbors Xu Lin’s spot for lunch and tea. Her son FanFan was there and so was Bean’s father Laoba.

Chinese have a tradition, you Wu Tang fans out there might know what I’m talking about — when a lil boy turns one they place a series of objects in front of him and whatever he grabs is a sign of what he will become. I knew from the start what he would grab, so I wasn’t surprised when, from a collection of balls, coins, dolls, clothes and other stuff he grabbed the sword and the pen. I purposely unsheathed the blade because I wanted him to know what it was. Everyone was like, fool he’ll cut himself. They all halted mid-sentence when he lifted the pen and blade up and checked them out.

Why a sword and a pen? if you gotta ask, then you’ll never know.

I got some nice pics of the scene, check em out:

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Sascha Matuszak

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