Class Lines Apparent

I went on a little Man on the Street interview stroll yesterday, asking people what they had planned for the October Holiday. I pretty much knew what I would hear from the garbage collectors and the coffee jerks and how it would differ from people throwing trash and sipping lattes, but I didn’t expect 90% of the respondents who wanted to travel to mention the Maldives as their dream destination.

You can check out the complete post here.

I also got some pics of Dorian and of Xintiandi, a fashionable little shopping and eating district near my home that has been replicated all over China. Check em out:

Dorian enjoys a trip on the Big Bus with Mommy
Dorian tries to climb back into Mommy's arms on the Big Bus Tour
Smile Daddy!
A view of Xintiandi
A worker takes a break in an alley in Xintiandi
A view of Xintiandi's many little lanes
Chillin in his new Pimp Stroller
Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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