Chinese Baby Products Pose a Danger

Last night I spent about an hour putting together a baby bed for Dorian. It was a pretty shoddy little bed and a very shoddy set of instructyion, but with a little love it will serve its purpose. But after finding some little nails in part of the bed I am anxious about what else might be wrong with the bed.

Right now we’re using it because we just got it and getting another one will take a while. But I we are going to have to do it, because when I am not around the house I worry about lead in the paint and splinters and whatever else this bed might have. Even writing this is getting me all worked up.

I wrote a series for about having a baby here in China and being able to source proper stuff was a big deal. We got all of the best we can get here, most of it bought from abroad, except for this bed, which we’re prob gonna scrap ASAP …..

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  1. I love the new look of your site. Also have really appreciated your exposé on child rearing in China, from breastfeeding to cribs, -really good and interesting.

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