Christmas in Heidelberg

This Christmas Bean Stinky and I are spending time i Heidelberg with my family. Heidelberg is a tidy, historic old city on the Neckar River with one of Germany’s oldest castles standing gutted yet proud atop the highest point in the city, overlooking rows of warm roofs and houses as well as two beautiful churches. The bridge across the Neckar is a great place to hold hands with yer lady in the summer, but in winter its veiled in snow and fog and the river below looks like flowing iron … cold and unforgiving.

My goal was to eat as many Broetchen as possible and stuff my face with Bratkartoffeln and Schnitzel. I achieved those goals, gaining around 10lbs in three weeks. More I think, but I can’t be too sure. My parents fell in love with the lil Guy and we had a very nice, traditional Christmas. One of the highlights was my Dad playing “Comin to Getcha!” with Dorian — the lil Guy laughed so hard he almost passed out. It went on for about an hour.

Check out some pics below (they came out wak with the slideshow, but you’ll get an idea …):


Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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