This is my house — the farm. About 10km southeast of Chengdu in Three Gods Flower Village, where farmers grow roses and tulips and offer up their homes as teahouses for the semi-affluent of the city. There are some quiet nooks here off the teahouse path where one can chill.

This is Tenz, my half-Tibetan rapper-hustla fat-fingered technician homie with whom I spar on the chess board.

I wrote a column for today about the need for us foreigners to take it easy on China, cuz rufflin their feathers just makes them hysterical. But the truth is it infuriates me that i cannot discuss things here. I get off on talking about whats right and wrong and what we can do to fix it. but here as a foreigner there is a wall between you and the community that is almost unbreakable.

but it has gaps. so no matter how much it pisses me off that i have to treat some of my friends like children, i have slipped through the rents in the fence a few times and found the experience to be all there is needed in life.

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