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You are Progress.

Speaking of progressive, i remember when Obama first started moving toward the center, i said he was a coward and a sellout in this blog and that he should rely on true change and progressive values to ride into the White House. Many of you thought i was being to harsh and said: without the center, without the powerful Obama cannot win. Progressive youth and such are not enough. I agreed and threw myself behind Obama.

but peep this story by Alexander Cockburn and remember his words in 2 years, when we are disappointed once again.


better yet, throw my scepticism in my face when Obama really does do those things which we need doing to bring this nation into the 21st century.

We shall see.

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6 thoughts on “A message from Progress

  1. Even though I’ve been living in China for the past 7 years and have been out of touch with the mainstream American media I decided that in this election like all the elections prior, it was crucial for me to vote for the candidate that will provide a position for people like myself in the community. Before Bush was elected several of my friends worked for community groups funded by the government and lost their jobs immediately after Bush took office. Not everyone wants to be a congressman or a senator, yet still want to be a part of a community without having to hit up the church and its politics. I believe that community programs will be developed by Obama and will give the younger generation an opportunity to establish community experience, which will in turn strengthen the fabric of our nation based on a help-inspired society rather than one determined by party alone.

  2. I have no faith American politics can go from one extreme to the other. War is not going to stop. This country has been waging war from day one. It’s in the American conscience, put there in infancy by the “patriots” deluded version of history, patriotic songs, plays, movies, music, etc. etc. As this country develops with new technology forms of patriotism adapt and change as well. America will not become a peaceful nation, where building bridges will take the place of burning them. Its like a plague of greed and self-centered thought and way of living. If we were to change, it would have to be from a place in society where we are helping one another thrive. This is done through community organizing and other social movements. It will not come from the top down, but from the other way. Perhaps Obama will be the person to spark the soul of those on the verge of wanting something new, better, inclusive, whole. As you say, we shall see.

  3. Cockburn seems to be trying to take such an opposing view as to jar liberals into really believing in change, wanting change, and fighting for change. Knowing is not enough, we must apply change in our individual lives and communities. Willing is not enough, we must do something about it!

  4. i also believe that Obama, instead of being the actual leader and harbinger of change, is more of a symbolic leader for those of us who still think changing the world is possible. it affirms, i guess, that there are enough of us out there to elect a president as different from his predecessors (outwardly) as Obama is. And i think it sticks it to the minority view that America is filled with idiots and can be easily manipulated.

    Obama as president is proof that more than half of voting Americans know there are many things wrong with the nation and want to do something about it.

    so the key is to ride the wave locally. I am happy to be living in Portland, where the wave is already pretty high …

  5. Every social change, either left, right, or fucked up have had a GREAT fucking leader. We all need a great figure head. Who can say all the right things, all the right ways. Obama may be ours. I want to take that chance. Why not?

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