The past two nights i have been drinking Yellow Tail Shiraz with my old high school buddy Maximillian. He was one of my first and best friends back when i was 16 and getting my bearings in Germany. I had a friend walk with me in a dream last night, a walk i can barely […]

off work early

i am better in group situations, then one on one cuz in one on one I am too eager to revealI like to pass around planets and laugh at jokesor drift away or just sit there and smilei remember a show about a moment taken randomlyand how it could in a moment be divineany second […]

Violence in Xinjiang

Uighers in Urumqi rioted over the past 24 hours, destroying property, killing people and fighting the police. The immediate cause for the riots was a brawl in Shaoguan, Canton Province that began after some fool posted a note on QQ saying that 6 Uigher boys had raped 2 Han women. Han workers then rampaged through […]

Politics and asteroids

Yesterday i was talking with a geology student and she said her last big paper was about an asteroid that is scheduled to hit the earth in 2012. I was like, girl, you sure you haven’t been youtubing or something? and she said the information is only really available in universities and on lexisnexis and […]