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  1. Kaydee

    very interesting.

  2. kinkonkid

    i’ve always wondered why the hakkas migrated to Sichuan and when. I’m of hakka ancestry living in singapore, born in malaysia, ancestors from Songkou. Meixian.

  3. Nicole Vulcan

    and now the turk german american living in the hakka village, training in hanyuan passes his wisdom onto a wider audience of euro, asian, african and north american readers — an ancient act, with a keyboard ‘stead of a quill or a brush. no matter the method it’s people like you that make sure the stories never die.

  4. sascha matuszak

    kaydee my sweet thank you so much hehehe … yo:

    the Hakka actally have a serious group of academics fighting to save the culture, most of them are based in Sigapore, Malaysia, Australia and the US … thats where such scholarship gets the support it needs, whereas in China proper unless the CCP says its all good, it aint worth researching. Too bad. A lot of stories are dying and people fading into an abyss of non-memory due to political repression and rampant greed.

    here are a couple of links for you kinkonkid and Nicole don’t sweat it you know i’m on it.


  5. Kepha Hor

    Nice to find your blog. I got interested in Hakka culture when I lived in Chungli (Zhongli/台湾中坜) and Chutung (Zhudong/竹东) in Taiwan, both of which communities were, and to some extant remain, Hakka (the latter has become a major bedroom for the Hsinchu Science Park). I met my wife and started my family in those parts, too. I used to be able to speak some of the local language, too.

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