The elephant in my bathroom

how silly we humans be.

Sports are and have been one of the ultimate political experiences for societies since the dawn of the ball. A discus tossing match between a Spartan and an Athenian was the grand catharsis of the day. A football match between Turkey and Germany is passionate, bloody and emotional because it synthesizes political and social realities onto the pitch and makes us cheer and cry for our collective people. Sports replaces war, simply said, and therefore will always be political.

Football has saved Europe from destruction as much as the Euro.

These Games are the most politically charged in a long time — since 1984 I would say. Or 1980. China, of course, denies this reality and decries those who live in it. But nothing could be more important politically and socially for the Chinese than a successful Games. And we all know it.

we all just want the elephant to finish his deed without destroying the commode … if we acknowledge that the commode is in danger, isn’t that as cathartic as a gold medal?

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2 thoughts on “The elephant in my bathroom

  1. sacha

    interesting comments on the sport-political view. There is always a bonding when a squad operates very good in a tournament. The dutch acted great the first three games during the euro 2008. Everybody cheered, was happy and hoolligans gathered together to cheer for the team.

    How’s life. been ages since we talked. My parents said hi!! I spoke to them yesterday! We are going to china in december! He take care


  2. Joost van Faassen. all these years and you still keep popping into my life. Send me a mail ( if you ant any tips on your travels. I won’t be here in December … but i am sure we’ll see each other again someday.

    what are you up to these days?

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