Two books that I urge you to read:

The first deals with Islam

No god but God, the origins, evolution and future of Islam

This book (FINALLY) traces the roots of Islam back to the socialist hippy rebel Muhammad and his community of passionate young revolutionaries. All prophets are socialist rebels … have you noticed? and their message eventually falls prey to the wealthy, nervous, manipulative men of their time and becomes oppressive, exclusive, aggressive and, ultimately, corrupted.

Take heed.

The next book is:

Sex, economy, freedom and community

This book (FINALLY) traces the roots of the global economy and calls for a healthy return to local and regional economic ties that destroy less and enrich more through webs of community, rather than invisible logistics chains in which locals play a two-bit part as cog.

Take heed.

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2 thoughts on “Two books that I urge you to read:

  1. nice. thanks for these recommendations. how did you come upon these books?


  2. i found one book lying around my house, so i stole it and gobbled it up. the other was given to me by a friend after i told her about this project i be marinatin'

    no man, i am in Portland.

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