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I have been working on a re-design for this site for some time, so that is why the site looked very strange for a few months. I am back to the old format for now, just so the space can be worked again, I can write here again, people who come and visit don’t leave shaking their heads and stuff like that.

There are a few stories that can bring you up to speed with what I have been doing the past year or so since this site went into convulsions, namely:

How I Built My Chengdu Compound


Returning to the US: An Immigrant in My Own Land

But on to matters at hand. I feel less energized when I drink coffee anymore, so I stick with green tea. It works much better, I think, when I want to work and think. But oh lord how I love the heat of the coffee bean. The biochemistry isn’t difficult to understand: the coffee high forces your body to compensate with a corresponding low, and the conflict between the two means you need more coffee per square inch over time to achieve the same result. Eventually, the result is impossible to achieve, and you are irritable, hyped up on non-sleep, and with horrible coffee breath.

I actually only drink one cup of coffee a day, so i am not sure what’s going on in my system that drives me into a slumber roughly 45 minutes after that cup, but it has happened enough times now that I know green tea is the answer.


The snow is melting in Minnesota, only a few days after it had rested on the ground enough to create a blanket of white against the clear sky. Now the landscape is patchy brown and green, soaked in snowjuice, marring the vista and speaking of a False Spring in mirthless chuckles. Even the squirrels are unhappy, retreating to the trees in wait of the blizzard that must come.


Job searches are demeaning, but also a test of character. The longer one goes on, the stronger one becomes. My CV is a crafted essay. My phone voice is humble, eager, confident, even when I am talking to myself. I have a suit. No job is safe from my inquiry. I feel no pain. I believe.

Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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