The Weed Game

I watched the CNBC documentary on weed in Cali, Marijuana, INC. and it was a straight War on Drugs propagan(ja) piece. Trish Regan interviewd weed farmers and the look in her eye said: “this is so crazy, these people are not like (look into the camera with a Palinesque wink) US!”

So that was too bad. They focused on the money and the problems, not the money problems that bring this about.

Shall we discuss Medical Marijuana? Shall we talk about the dangers of Alcohol vs. the dangers of Weed?

I think it might be more interesting to note that the people in Cali are running after the American Dream that for some only a fat crop can help them attain. Think about this: You can work a job thats legit for 10-15 an hour and make maybe 1500USD a month after taxes and do that all your life, thinking to yourself that, yeah, sure if I do this for 20 years I can have a mortgage on my crib and save enough for my kids to go to college. Maybe. Or I can grow a crop that is legal in California and make 100K in one year selling weed legally over the counter to weed heads and cancer patients that want this product cuz it makes them feel better.

What it is is the meeting of two cultures: the weed culture of the 1990s and our parents, who consider it all to be Drug-Related. Its young families with ideas about 2012, holistic lives, multiculturalism and a new “back to the Land” vision sitting down and thinking to themselves: the contract I signed with the society (go to college and get a job) seems sour to me and I dont want it. What can I do? How can i live happily? what can i do to support my people my wife my kids and still adhere to my code of honor and living? how do i not sell out like all those before me but still get enough money to live a life that doesn’t make me a slave to the sell outs?

For many, its the weed game. Search for a job that pays a young creative or be young and creative … is that the question?

How do YOU feel about the weed game??

(I’m back)

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

3 thoughts on “The Weed Game

  1. Isn't it ironic that our devastated economy requires those in pursuit of the American Dream to resort to growing and selling marijuana? That dream of home ownership, of a chicken in every pot is beyond the reach of ordinary Americans. Foreclosures stretch on for pages in newspapers across the country. Jobs come with little to no health care while golden parachutes float, buoyed by ill-gotten gains. And there is marijuana, the reviled crop of today's conservatives. Those same conservatives, ardent supporters of deregulation, repeating age old arguments of states' rights and a marketplace economy, now balk with moral indignation at the production, sale and use of marijuana. Puritanism is alive and well in America. We still struggle with the tensions of religious dogma versus individual freedoms. So you are right: for the baby boomers and those older, marijuana is perceived as drug-related. But in today's current economy, weed is a commodity that can make the difference between paying the mortgage and foreclosure.

    I've always felt that weed should be legal, or at least not illegal. BTW, at least for this cancer patient, it is not so much that weed makes me feel better (although I do like the effect). Weed makes enough of the pain ease up so that pain is no longer the dominating sensation. When pain eases, you can think, converse, and hope. Pain is the enemy of hope and optimism. Weed's ability of alleviate pain permits the body afflicted with this disease to relax, to rejuvenate, and thereby to heal from within. Those who grow and supply weed for medicinal use should receive legislative support, if not commendations for their humanitarianism.

  2. absolutely. I am in a town just north of the bay and without weed this would be a barren wasteland with sunken eyes watching empty trucks rumble up a dying corridor to a future as bleak as it is uncertain.

    i aint postulatin just to sound cool. its the truth. stop the wars and legalize weed, watch the happiness quotient rise and wonder why.

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