The Bailout …


Read this Wikipedia entry about the “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act”

then go here and read through this article about where the cheddar is going …

then get pissed.

then sign this. (and wonder if being the 40th person to do so without doing the math makes you an idiot or a hero.)

and then go on and read some Garet Garret or Noam Chomsky or just watch Fox and CNN and get even more pissed, then check your bank account and start feeling the heat hit you in the face. Call up yer buddies and see how they’re doing … skim the web a bit and find out who is getting bailed out and check out their personal sites … you might be as mad as me by now … then holler back at me and tell me what you found.

Obama is selling out because he believes firmly that “the People” are weak and have no voice and can influence nothing, whereas “the Establishment” in DC — all of the people in his Cabinet and at his ear — are the real power brokers and he would be a fool not to choose the stronger posse.

sigh. (Now i stop and look at myself)

I guess if you are getting by and saving money and got a woman that loves you don’t worry about any of this shit because they ain’t never gonna come for you like in the movies. And if yer broke and woman-less than go and find out why … or become a monk and renounce all of this. (I demand action then become a cliche all in the same post … thats what society does to you.)

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

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