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Escaping the China Winter

It’s amazing how winter in most Chinese cities cancels out the sun. The skies seem to turn gray across the board, from Jiangxi to Sichuan and

Horse & Tea Trade Route

I’ve been up and down this road and written a few things about it — the road that links India and Southeast Asia with southwest

Horses and Tea and all manner of Roads

I’ve been up and down the “horse and tea trade route” a few times. basically the road from Chengdu south to Bangkok, as far as

Dali Town

it always hard for me to escape the monkey in this town. cuz i don’t try hard. the other night we were dancin to irish

me and sammy at the speakeasy last night

We are having our customary American Coffees at Salvador’s this morning. Sal’s is one of the finer cafes i have ever experienced in China. The

grumble grumble

well i have tried to put pics up here for days now. i went through picasa and checked out what the deal is — heard

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