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“This redbone mishmash has me forgetting the slushy confines of winter in the Twins. This morning I almost left my coffee behind. I spoke to

That cess in yer chest

Tell me how to keep the smile on my face when I start every morning hacking like an old revolutionary until lung butter splatters the

You might wanna ask Somebody

One my oldest brain patnas in the world, Tshisuaka aka aka aka has got some ish going on at This brother is a poet

Good Morning

Whatchyallknowbout Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings? Just finished Natural Born Lover and moving on to Stranded in yo’ Love And this album makes me

Bumpin it in China

So here is a lil blurb about the music scene in China and below is my man Himmler’s response: the article is pretty accurate. one

The devil came down to Clifden …

“The devil came down to Clifden, lookin for a soul to steal, he was getting kinda low and don’t ya know he was willing to

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