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Peep This

Here are a couple stories I have been writing for This is my list of cities for singles and here is the “companion piece”

The Illusion of Coincidence…

A great many strange things have happened in the past few days … perhaps not as many as may be transmitted by the feeling that

its a high price to pay

It is now the second day of Chinese New Year here in Dali and the fireworks have subsided somewhat. On the sixth, we gathered at

The Delicious Slide

You can feel it when it comesVoices cry out in defiant anticipationThey rub their hands gleefullyThe party is about to startPlaces everyone One said it

me and sammy at the speakeasy last night

We are having our customary American Coffees at Salvador’s this morning. Sal’s is one of the finer cafes i have ever experienced in China. The

to A’Dam

In four hours, my plane leaves for Amsterdam. actually six hours, but i have an hour long train ride ahead of me. i just got

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