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Violence in America

So I’m gonna post this video I found on Reddit. It’s being used by a few different types of people, each for their own end.

So, what now?

I find myself asking this question after reading stories like this one by the late Michael Kreca. This information is not new to me —

Rape is the Consort of War

That just kind of came to me earlier today while reading this story here about Somalis in Minneapolis becoming “radicalized” and then heading back to

US Soldiers Dissenting

Read this and tell me what ya think about US soldiers and President “I’ma bring ’em home ya’ll” Obama.

Where does all the TARP go?

This sentence here at the end of the NYT story about the failure of the auto industry bailout is probably one of the most important

Broke Fat White People

Last night I was minding my own business at my man Q’s house in the Pearl District when I get drunk-dialed by Sammy’s ass. He

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