Sleeveless Tendencies

First off … looks like the fervor might be dying down. we shall see. Does anyone else see the parallels between the Games and the Primary? We are down to the last few states and it is getting crucial — for china they are down to the last few cities on the torch relay. But even if the West backs off and the Games go smoothly, it will go hard for those who raised their voices …

My Shifu got the job doing security for the Games — he was hired as a team leader and starts o the 9th. At the last second there were still doubts, because he is “short and carries himself with too much humility”… i suggested they test him. So they tested his english and his gong fu … he was hired on the spot cuz he took out a bar full of englishmen and cussed em out as they flew out the windows … hehehe

there once was an Emperor of China who was gay and had a lover with whom he was infatuated. One afternoon, they were lying together amidst the silk and gold and the Emperor’s sleeve was caught under his lover’s body. Instead of waking his lover, he slipped out of his sleeve and went to do whatever it is Emperors do in the afternoon …

Ever since, “sleeveless” has become a byword for gay lovin. in Chinese pinyin it is called:

duan xiu zhi pi …

Here is a picture of my homie Ripitus gettin some ink … sans sleeves.

Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

2 thoughts on “Sleeveless Tendencies

  1. you know too much chinese. thanks, though, ‘preciate that. too bad the tattoo is for fan jing.

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