I miss the quiet of my dungeon and the wind through Oregon’s trees. Its sunny here and i am about to be in the Du with all my friends again and its gonna be hard to leave. I am trying to stay for one month but i can feel the pull of oblivion on the road. Its going to be hard not to just disappear again. but i won’t. don’t worry nico …

i love shanghai, the city usually treats me very well, but i am reminded every time I come here why i could never live here. my best times here are either drunken madness or yapping with old shanghainese … i love making old people laugh here. they don’t really get my Sichuan hua … and the cabbies aren’t pimps like in the Du … so many damn buildings.

I am reading Wendell Berry’s book, Sex, Economy, Community and Freedom. i highly recommend this book. It is right up our US alley (me and the Tribe) and it informs my summer project that I am doing with ole Lace-dawg.

Go out and get it. (mad love to Jen for the hook-up)

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Sascha Matuszak
Sascha Matuszak

One thought on “Shanghai

  1. Well it’s probably not me that needs affirmation that you’ll return. I’m sure Sammy has been enduring the long cold Alaska winter, just waiting to come home and spoon. You can’t disappoint him…

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